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Shelley DiCondina
Owner & Principal Designer

Shelley has been creating balanced world-class spectacular yacht interiors for more than 20 years.

Her concept: "Luxury, sea and land made simple" incorporates and goes beyond the usual yacht interior design philosophy.

Shelley methodically organizes each step of yacht interior designs and develops an overall design theme that draws on her years of training, her experience, and her knowledge of the marketplace.

The result is custom stylish yacht interior designs that are the ultimate balance of color, space, texture, and comfort.

Her client's interpretation and involvement during the yacht interior design is essential to her process. Partnering this way ensures that when clients see their yacht interiors completed, they see their visions come true.

Quoting Shelley: "For a Yacht Interior Designer, there is no greater satisfaction than to see clients be overwhelmed with joy when they first walk on board their newly completed yacht."

Typically, the next question she hears is: "Oh, would you please do my home?"


"We've built three motor yachts so far. Shelley DiCondina of Yacht Interiors By Shelley provided counsel, experience, and industry knowledge that were invaluable throughout the construction process. In great part due to Shelley and her incredible staff, the resulting yachts always exceeded our expectations. When it's time for yacht number four, Shelley will once again be called upon to work her magic."
Owners of the Seafarer, Featured in Showboats, August 2008
Boat Show Preview and Triton, August 2008
New Yachts - Press Release

"In 2009, we contracted with Yacht Interiors By Shelley for the interior design and decoration of our new 84-foot custom motor yacht. I can best describe our level of satisfaction by my answer to the many times we were asked 'Did the boat turn out as nice as you expected?' The answer was 'Better than we dared to dream.' In addition to being an absolute professional, Shelley was a delight to work with. Not only did she quickly understand our needs and desires, but she also showed great judgment and communicated her ideas clearly. There were a few major issues that she greatly helped us with and which turned out to be perfect. We so enjoyed working with Shelley that we then asked her to help with the redecoration of our home in florida. I would be pleased to provide more information about our experience."
Owners of the Mobillity

"Before we became Hargrave owners, we actually owned the same boat for 20 years, so embarking on the construction of a new boat was overwhelming to say the least. We had never built a new house let alone a boat. After the basic Hargrave plans were provided to us, our next step was to meet with Shelley. This was when our boat seemed to come to life. From the very first meeting she and her staff were organized and focused. I know it is naive to say, but I didn't really know anything about elevations. She went through every inch of the boat with great care and thought. She did not force her ideas on us, but gently lead us through the design process. She was careful to carry the theme throughout the boat from cabinet design to fabric and fixtures. We absolutely love the final product. To say we couldn't have done it without her is an understatement. It was really a fun and exciting experience. Shelley is a pleasure to work with."
Owners of the Solo Tu

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